Q. What does Master vs Public represent?

A. A song will be given the status Master if it is submitted by administrators and given Public if submitted by users. Administrator's tastes will typically be techno, dance, and once in a while rap and rock.


Q. Can i embed videos from other sites besides youtube? (MTV etc..)

A. Absolutely!

Q. How do I embed a youtube video for the song I submit.

A. On the youtube page, there should be an embed code Just copy and paste the code into the Video embed field. You are also able to do this to songs other users submitted if they didn't include one.

Q. Can I watch a different video from your pop up than the video I clicked on?

A. Absolutely! If you scroll up on the popup, you will see that you are able to type in a different song name and watch the video.


Q. How do I turn on a playlist to just have continuous music?

A. In the filter, select "Yes" after playlist, and all the playlists will appear. Songs will typically be in order by rating.


Q. How come I have the songs arranged by date but it seems the dates fluctuate a bit at times?

A. The date value reflects anytime someone uploads OR admin edits song content. When you arrange the songs by date, it will only reflect when someone uploads a song. Ex. Song uploaded Jan 10th, song was edited Jan 12th, song will still be between Jan 9th and Jan 11th when arranged by date but will show value Jan 12.